The new era of Wireless WAN begins now

Introducing the First Comprehensive Set of 5G Solutions for Business

Amidst a new era of wireless WAN growth and attention, Cradlepoint announces the most comprehensive 5G portfolio for business in the market. The portfolio solutions are the next step in Cradlepoint’s Pathway to 5G initiative. Although some consumer-like hotspot and point products are currently available, Cradlepoint’s solution is targeting the more advanced and diverse requirements of businesses.

Key edge networking requirements for organizations deploying 5G:


Any Generation

You need a full range of cellular technologies from 4G LTE to Gigabit-Class LTE to 5G — with the ability to gracefully transition tens of thousands of sites between generations as technology becomes available in individual locations.


Any Spectrum

You need support for the entire 5G spectrum — from the low bands of sub-1GHz to the high bands of mmWave — all while providing unique data plan management and forecasting for each location in a contemporary point-and-click platform.


Complete Lifecycle Management

You need complete lifecycle management that includes a mobile installation application, “captive modem” capability, 5G analytics and tools, and Out-of-Band Management for optimized operation and management efficiency.


Carrier-Class Connectivity

You need carrier-class connectivity that provides customized software-defined modem versions for each operator’s requirements and capabilities, pre-programmed endpoints, and multi-level integrity tests to predict vulnerable connections.


Intelligent Hybrid WAN Connectivity

You need intelligent hybrid WAN connectivity that delivers effortless wireless endpoint management in a wired-first SD-WAN environment and all-in-one capabilities (routing, embedded wireless, and foundational SD-WAN) in a wireless-first SD-WAN deployment.

Explore how Cradlepoint can help you unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular for your network.

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