Boise Police Department Builds a Better In-Vehicle Network for Less

Originally published October 16, 2018

The network technology inside Boise Police Department’s cruiser fleet was outdated, expensive, and difficult to maintain. Eugene Smith, Deputy Chief of Operations, had a forward thinking vision to upgrade the network to enable officers to spend more time patrolling, adapt to evolving technology, and reduce the amount of IT resources needed to maintain the network—all in the face of an unmoving budget. Working with the City of Boise’s Information Technology department, Deputy Chief Smith implemented a solution combination of Cradlepoint wireless routing devices and NetCloud Manager to provide a stable, flexible, and easily maintained network while reducing both capital expenditures and operating expenses.


With a growing population of more than 200,000, Boise, Idaho is frequently recognized for its education, environment, workforce, and business-friendly environment. The City Information Technology department helps maintain Boise’s positive reputation by providing top-notch information and technology services to all its agencies. The department works with these internal customers in strategic partnerships to drive the centralized delivery of technology services across Boise.


Like many public sector organizations, the City of Boise is continually seeking ways to do more with less. Recently, the IT department needed to help the police department provide more services without hiring more officers, deliver more technology services without hiring more IT staff, and work closely with other departments and regional emergency service providers without making budget-busting investments in new technology. Deputy Chief Smith determined the City should replace its aging and clunky police in-vehicle network connectivity solution, which depended on aircards the officers had to plug (and unplug) into the back of their in-vehicle laptop computers.

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