Cradlepoint Introduces Platform Extensibility

*Originally posed on [USAT]( August 19th, 2016* ##Tools & Capabilities to Extend Cradlepoint Solutions to Vertical-Specific Applications **What is it:** Multi-element platform to enable custom applications. *Benefits:* * **Developer Community Portal:** Leverage knowledge, share, and collaborate with other developers * **Flexible Hardware:** Extensible hardware with flexible capabilities * **Router SDK:** Build custom vertical applications securely running at the Edge, protected on device, and deployed through the cloud * **NCM API:** Integrate easily with enterprise applications using Cradlepoint NCM’s open API allowing automated data transfer through the cloud * **Innovation Partner Program:** Enable and promote 3rd party solution integrations ##DEVELOPER COMMUNITY PORTAL **What is it:** Online forum with Cradlepoint Developer tools, example code, and best practices. Includes a developer community to leverage knowledge, share and collaborate with other developers.The developer portal is a one-stop resource for all Cradlepoint Platform Extensibility elements. Benefits: * Build custom applications and integrations easier using the Cradlepoint Platform * Technical documentation * Hardware Development Kit * NCM API * Router SDK * Getting Started * Example Code * Leverage knowledge from other Cradlepoint Developers * Collaborate through community forum * Code sharing [Read full article here...](