Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity

Security from the Wireless WAN Edge to the Cloud

Palo Alto Network’s Prisma Access integrated with Cradlepoint NetCloud enables organizations to rapidly extend their security services from the Wireless WAN edge to the cloud — protecting remote workers and essential IT resources, and guaranteeing availability for Branch, Mobile, and IoT deployments.


Cloud-to-cloud integration accelerates the orchestration of secure tunnels from the Wireless WAN to Prisma Access — reducing the attack plane at the edge protecting users, devices, and IoT.


Real-time status monitoring of secure tunnels across endpoint groups through NetCloud and Prisma Access.


Wireless WAN provides flexible transport options — wireless as a primary or alternative to traditional MPLS or broadband.

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Converged Wireless WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

The integration between Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager and Palo Alto Networks’ Panorama enables the creation of secure IPSEC tunnels from the WAN edge to Prisma Access. This meets the needs for a secure, pervasive, and agile SASE network architecture for Wireless WANs, meeting the need of a diverse set of industries from healthcare to public safety to retail.

Distributed enterprise Wireless WAN and SASE architecture




Gain application visibility and user-based policy management down to user applications regardless of user devices


Security Everywhere

Access cellular WAN links from anywhere for a highly reliable network, while centralizing security in the cloud


Fast deployment

Easily extend security from the edge to the cloud with single-click deployment through NetCloud Manager


Advanced Threat Management

Detect, remotely detonate, and remediate malware


DNS Security

Protect against malicious malware threats such as DNS tunneling and injection


Data Loss Prevention

Prevent loss of data at rest or in motion, and the ability to reconstruct data if needed

Security Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Palo Alto and Cradlepoint are working together to bring SASE into reach. Connecting fixed locations, temporary locations and vehicles over cellular networks with cloud security is simpler than ever with the integration between Cradlepoint NetCloud and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access.
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Total Cost of Ownership

Wireless WAN reduces network costs compared to traditional transport methods such as MPLS and broadband



NetCloud Service accelerates Prisma SD-WAN deployments from few sites to many


Investment Protection

Easily migrate from using cellular for failover to Gigabit-Class LTE or 5G to augment or replace traditional wired networks

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