Embedded OEM Partners

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are now partnering with Cradlepoint to embed next-generation cellular routers in their systems — ranging from video camera enclosures to EV charging stations and other types of kiosks. Embedded OEMs (EOEMs) are discovering transformative mobility, efficiency, and reliability with agile, enterprise-grade solutions that bring cellular connectivity and zero trust security into one management platform.

What is a Cradlepoint EOEM partner?

Embedded OEM partners build Cradlepoint Wireless WAN routers into their overall solutions — unlocking the power of 5G and LTE technologies. This enhances the value of their offerings with integrated wireless connectivity, nonstop reliablity, and the agility necessary for today's modern business.

Harness the power of Cradlepoint Wireless WAN for your OEM business

Industry-leading connectivity solutions for sites, vehicles, and IoT

Cloud-based management platform with built-in Cellular intelligence

Rich API and SDK for integration into existing systems

Carrier certified for performance and rapid deployment

“The SmartSort solution is for a venue that wants to do the right thing in its community, creating a fun interactive way to recycle and compost reusable materials. With Cradlepoint, we know the systems are always on, always available. Coupling that with an industry-leading cybersecurity offering makes SmartSort’s decision to partner with Cradlepoint … easy.”

— Cris Luce, CEO and president, SmartSort

Why partner with Cradlepoint?

Market-leading 5G expertise

Cradlepoint’s 5G first-to-market experience positions partners at the forefront of innovation, enabling them to tap into the full potential of next generation wireless technology delivering the most secure, reliable, and flexible solutions available today.

Comprehensive solution portfolio

Cradlepoint’s complete portfolio of enterprise-grade, carrier-certified hardware and software solutions is designed to help partners add value in virtually any use case.

Industry-leading network management platform

NetCloud Manager enables lean IT teams to have real-time visibility and control of all their connections through a single pane of glass.

Network and internet security built for a wireless world

Cradlepoint’s zero trust network solutions make the the network, applications, and data virtually invisible. IT teams can easily build zero trust encrypted tunnels over hybrid cellular and wired links, orchestrated quickly and seamlessly through the cloud. And name-based routing hides public IP addresses from the threat of discovery.

Trusted partner

Cradlepoint partners receive expert guidance and unparalleled support from dedicated technical and support teams. Our experts collaborate with EOEM partners to navigate the complexities of 5G and cellular integration ensuring an effective and reliable deployment from the start.

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