5G Captive Modem and Wi-Fi Accessory with R2105-5GB

Part #: 170900-014

Captive Modem and Captive Wi-Fi allows the Cradlepoint R2105 to act as a 5G adapter and additional Wi-Fi source for the controlling router. The devices perform and are managed by NetCloud Manager as a single entity.


Product Description

In some instances, Cradlepoint 5G and LTE adapters may need to be placed in an optimal indoor or outdoor location to receive the best cellular signal. Captive Modem mode allows Cradlepoint 5G and LTE adapters to connect with Cradlepoint routers in separate physical locations while allowing the devices to perform and be managed by NetCloud as a single entity. A Cradlepoint router acts as the controller to the distinct Captive Modem adapter accessory for the deployment, management, and reduced licensing costs to take effect.

In Captive Modem mode, the Cradlepoint adapter accessory is seen in NetCloud as a Wi-Fi interface with the same functionality as embedded Wi-Fi radios, in addition to a modem WAN interface that shares all the same Wireless WAN functionality as embedded modems such as Smart WAN Selection, WAN Verify, and failover/failback.

What's Included

  • R2105 Captive Accessory
  • Power cable (permanently attached to router, female)
  • Ethernet cable (permanently attached to router, male)
  • GPIO cable (2×2, 3 meters, 20 AWG)
  • Mounting template
  • Small accessories kit


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