MC400 Modular Modem

Part #s: BB-MC400-1200M-B, MA-MC400-1200M-B, BF-MC400-1200M-B, BA-MC400-5GB, MB-MC400-5GB, BF-MC400-5GB


The MC400 Modular Modem combines enterprise reliability with Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G performance. Cradlepoint MC400-capable fixed site, vehicle, and IoT routers can be easily upgraded to include industry-leading capabilities such as dual modems, 5G, and LTE Advanced Pro.



Product Description

  • Greater revenue and cost-saving opportunities with the ability to run advanced bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Better return on investment with the capability to upgrade to the latest modems without replacing the original hardware.
  • Higher availability by installing a second modem for failover connectivity.
  • Lower data plan costs by automatically switching to the second modem/SIM when the data plan cap on the primary modem/SIM has been reached.
  • Certified versions are available for public safety networks worldwide.



  • MC400 Modular Modem
  • Cellular antennas: zero or four (depending on SKU purchased)
  • Modem door covers
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