AIOps for Cellular and Security in Enterprise Networking

For enterprise networking teams, AI isn’t theoretical or “big picture.” AI is about real-world efficiency in the day-to-day management of digital devices and applications, WAN connectivity, and network and Internet security. In short, IT teams are discovering the power of AI operations, or AIOps. Cradlepoint solutions include AIOps features that expedite alerts, determine the root cause of issues and customize recommendations, and ultimately shorten the amount of time it takes to detect and resolve problems.

AIOps features at Cradlepoint

Address network problems sooner through NetCloud AIOps

AIOps features bring new layers of efficiency to NetCloud, Cradlepoint’s cloud management and orchestration platform. Customers that have deployed NetCloud Exchange can take advantage of an AI engine to monitor all traffic flows — from clients to applications — and identify and log abnormalities in latency, jitter, and other performance indicators. The AI engine turns this wealth of information into actionable information, through the NetCloud fault dashboard, that streamlines remediation by pinpointing the root cause of issues.

Let network traffic analyses inform your security decisions

NetCloud Exchange uses AI to analyze corporate traffic flows — both north-south and east-west — and “red flag” security anomalies that may indicate a breach. Anomalies include events such as unusual spikes in outbound data sends and increases in denied traffic. It’s another layer of threat detection and prevention for networks to improve the time to detection and resolution.

Ask virtual assistant for customized, AI-driven support

Cradlepoint customers can use the AI-Based NetCloud Assistant (ANA) to uncover what’s going in their network. IT teams can find rapid support as they troubleshoot  performance degradation and other issues. ANA peruses all historical data en route to highly accurate answers to common queries about the network and also provides helpful recommendations about other solutions that enhance performance and resiliency.

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