Use zero trust internet access to protect users, secure data, and prevent network breaches

Increasingly sophisticated adversaries are targeting your users’ web and email activity to penetrate networks — using zero-day malware. that traditional web filtering tools aren’t equipped to address. Ericom’s isolation-powered Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is able to stop the types of zero-day attacks on devices and networks that other web security products cannot. The same core technology can also protect your corporate applications and data from one of the biggest risks they face: unmanaged device access.

Protect against zero-day attacks

Stop zero-day web and email malware

Ericom SWG includes remote browser isolation (RBI), data loss prevention (DLP), and other capabilities — confining risky websites inside remote cloud containers. When websites launched from URLs in emails are presented in “read-only” mode, users are blocked from entering their IDs and passwords, which prevents credential theft. Additionally, the solution can ensure compliance and secure use of Gen AI websites such as ChatGPT, preventing sensitive data and IP from being exposed to the tool’s large language models.

Provide secure clientless access for unmanaged devices

Ericom Web Application Isolation is a clientless zero trust network access (ZTNA) product that simplifies connecting unmanaged devices to web/cloud apps while preventing malware and protecting data. Give contractors and employees with unmanaged devices the access they need to corporate apps while controlling their ability to access and share data.

Prevent data loss in virtual web meetings

Ericom Virtual Meeting Isolation is a clientless patent-pending solution that preserves all virtual web meeting functionality while providing IT teams the data sharing controls needed to prevent inadvertent data loss/exposure by legitimate users of virtual meeting web apps such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet. The product also includes RBI, DLP, and CDR technologies to protect users from cyberattacks targeting these platforms.

Prevent malware exposure when using generative AI websites

Ericom Generative AI Isolation enables users to interact with generative AI websites within a secure virtual browser environment where robust data loss protection, data sharing, and access policy controls can be enforced, yet user interactions seem completely standard. This process prevents sensitive information from flowing into generative AI platforms and other apps that feed large language models (LLMs), mitigating risk of exposure and data breaches.

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