Use zero trust solutions for network security across your cellular-optimized WAN

So many of today’s devices and applications need mobile connectivity, and thus a modern security approach beyond the “wired only” mentality. Cradlepoint NetCloud SASE is built for this new era of Wireless WAN security. Cradlepoint’s connect-and-go zero trust solutions leverage “invitation-only” access for advanced security while being optimized for 5G connections. It’s easy-to-manage security for everything and everyone in your network — from IoT and third-party contractors to fleet vehicles and branch locations.

Apply zero trust security across your network in as little as 6 minutes

Replace legacy VPNs with Secure Connect

Cradlepoint’s Secure Connect solution is a zero trust alternative to VPNs and private Access Point Names (APNs). Named-based routing reduces the attack surface by obscuring IP addresses, and cloud-based orchestration squashes complexity.

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Confidently extend remote access with ZTNA

With Cradlepoint’s ZTNA solution, give third parties and employees right-sized access to specific resources and applications (including air-gapped OT/IoT environments) — preventing unwanted lateral movement within the network. Manage it all through an intuitive platform that simplifies policy creation at scale.

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Protect corporate applications from risky unmanaged devices

Cradlepoint’s Web Application Isolation solution completely air-gaps corporate applications from risky third-party devices – mitigating the risk of malware infection. For third-party contractors, suppliers, and BYOD, provide worry-free access to only the resources they need with speed and simplicity.

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Get constant traffic monitoring with Hybrid Mesh Firewall

Cradlepoint’s Hybrid Mesh Firewall brings another layer of security to any of our private access services. Take advantage of a fully integrated application aware firewall with web filtering and IDS/IPS to enforce corporate usage policies while continuously monitoring traffic for any signs of malicious activity.

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