Zero trust solutions for WAN and internet security

Today’s web and network attacks are diverse, evolving, and everywhere. That’s why Cradlepoint’s zero trust solutions never assume permissions, context, or privilege. Requiring every user, resource, and device to be verified ensures that access is restricted on a least-privilege basis — applying zero trust and containment from web to network. From 5G SASE to GenAI and content security, Cradlepoint has you covered.


Easily add 5G SASE technologies to your Wireless WAN

Cradlepoint 5G SASE allows you to confidently replace outdated VPNs, extend remote access, and optimize performance via SD-WAN. Cloud-delivered isolation technology protects users anywhere from web threats and Cellular Intelligence bolsters WAN resilience and prioritization — all through NetCloud Manager, making it easy for any IT team to deploy and manage.


Better protect against malware and other threats

Ericom, the cybersecurity unit of Cradlepoint, isolation-based solutions prevents all Internet content from reaching enterprise endpoints and networks while enabling full, interactive Internet use. Ericom protects against unknown threats like zero days and delivers clientless zero trust application access controls, ensuring apps and the data they contain are protected from external threats.


Expect a zero trust foundation for every solution

Expect nothing less than zero trust architecture underlying each Cradlepoint and Ericom security product. Rather than “connect first, then secure,” our solutions “secure first, then connect.” Observing the zero trust principle of “assume threat,” we ensure that access is restricted on a least-privilege basis.

Zero trust private access

Zero trust internet access

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