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Always-on network connectivity helps sheriff’s departments keep counties safe

Michael Fletcher

How utilizing constant connectivity benefits sheriff deputies in their important day-to-day duties

County law enforcement officials need always-on Internet connectivity in county buildings, such as in sheriff’s headquarters, sub-stations, jails, and courts. Having the ability to deploy branch, mobile, or pop-up networks when necessary and quickly — because deputies need access to digital and connected technologies to address emergencies — helps provide life-saving assistance and bring order to chaotic situations.

Cradlepoint’s ruggedized and ultra-reliable solutions also keep sheriff’s deputies prepared and connected when out in the field, helping to improve resource management and increase response times.

A county sheriff’s primary responsibility is to staff the county jails, provide inmate transportation to court, and provide security in their county courts. These important tasks require secure, worry-free connectivity without having valuable time wasted with unstable networks or troubleshooting network issues.

The following paragraphs illustrate common scenarios county sheriff’s department personnel carry out, the technology and applications they depend on, and how constant connectivity is an essential aspect in their improved communication and response times.

Sheriff’s Duty —

Maintaining security and control over inmates arrested and booked into their jail by agencies within their county. Their duties also include transporting inmates to court appearances as well as providing security and bailiff services at the county courts.

Cradlepoint Use Case —

Cradlepoint’s services for branch can be deployed in the jails for secure networking with benefits such as secure web filtering to block inmates from certain sites, track Internet use, and protect the network from web-based threats. Cradlepoint solutions for branch can also be installed in court rooms and hospitals for secure network connectivity.  For mobile networks Cradlepoint’s services can be utilized in prisoner transportation, such as in buses, vans, and patrol cars.

Sheriff’s Duty —

Providing patrol and law enforcement services to unincorporated communities within their county and to those contract cities within the county.

Cradlepoint Use Case —

Cradlepoint solutions can be deployed within county government buildings as well as in patrol, investigation, and prisoner transport vehicles. Cradlepoint’s reliable solutions can provide network connectivity for overt/covert camera systems around the community, at major intersections, or in and around government buildings. Additionally, patrol deputies can access critical law enforcement applications from their vehicles — remaining present in the neighborhoods they patrol — leveraging always-on LTE connectivity. Cradlepoint’s fixed, in-building solutions can also be deployed at 911/dispatch centers and remote sub-stations.

Sheriff’s Duty —

Uniformed security services at large events including concerts, racing events, and community-oriented events.

Cradlepoint Use Case —

Designed for rapid deployment in even the most extreme environments, Cradlepoint’s solutions provide constant connectivity for pop-up networks and can be and integrated within deployable solutions, such as drop kits and mobile command centers. With always-on connectivity, law enforcement agencies can connect numerous mission-critical communication tools such as laptops, tablets, body cams, dash cams, license plate readers, GPS, and other information systems, with almost all of the same robust capabilities that the Cradlepoint router deployed in the station.

Patrol cars, motorcycles and mobile command vehicles are used every day in a wide variety of assignments. Cradlepoint services can be quickly deployed during special events or for disaster response to immediately begin coordinating rescue and recovery operations.

Learn More About the Benefits of Connectivity for First Responders

Cradlepoint’s services keep mission-critical applications connected, making large events more manageable and municipalities more efficient, such as for traffic management, surveillance, sensors, thermal imaging for weapon detection, drones, and much more.

Cradlepoint supports our nation’s first responders by improving their ability to manage resources and communicate with one another with always-on connectivity for all of their devices.  First responders can stay connected to countless leading-edge technologies that make them more efficient — and provide better outcomes for the communities that they serve.

Learn more about connectivity for first responders.

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