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Easily integrate a ZTNA solution into your LTE and 5G Wireless WAN architecture

Trust is earned, not given. It’s why enterprise networking is moving beyond traditional firewalls, VPNs, and even modern perimeter-based security technologies. Businesses deploying 5G/LTE need network security solutions built on Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principles: assume lateral movement and breaches, limit user access to “just enough,” verify before trusting, and always be monitoring. NCX ZTNA provides zero trust features through Cradlepoint NetCloud and cellular-enabled routers — for a native, built-in ZTNA experience that is more simple, efficient, and granular than others.


Assign users to applications, not networks

Use NCX ZTNA to build automatic trust segments through your new Cradlepoint routers. Assign each unique user to specific resources instead of to broad network segments — with ample granularity.


Automatically reverify as conditions change

Rather than authenticate once and forget, NCX ZTNA performs continuous verification. If context changes, such as a new location or device, user access is reduced until the anomaly is resolved or reauthenticated if the anomaly is dramatic enough.


Consolidate user identities into one group

Trying to synchronize identities within various databases is unrealistic. Cradlepoint NetCloud connects to a root identity store using self-service SAML — reducing the complexities of identity spawl and simplifying IT processes.


Set up flexible access without complexity

Replace complex, difficult-to-manage perimeter-based networks with flexible methods of access through NCX ZTNA, including router-based authentication and external access through Windows and Mac clients.


Make policies networkwide with reduced latency

Create fine-grained policies that leverage identity and context to control access — through one shared policy engine for NCX Secure Connect, SD-WAN, and ZTNA. This framework improves performance by eliminating the latency that exists between multiple policy engines.


‘Go granular’ based on network attributes

NCX ZTNA’s automatic trust segments provide identity, context, and user attributes that enable deeply granular, flexible, and powerful policies — based on information about users, sites, applications, and resources. Control the right access using the right inputs.

An easier way to identify, assign, and manage user-to-application access

Cloud management for scalability

NetCloud Manager provides full lifecycle management for Wireless WANs, including zero-touch deployment, creation of secure networks, and at-a-glance analytics and troubleshooting — enabling you to scale your network, not your staff.

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