Build a better WAN to restart your branch business — a Wireless WAN

Dee Dee Pare

New E3000 router enables branches to be agile, resourceful, and manageable without sacrificing performance, reliability, and security

As we all consider opening the economy to business, many decisions must be made to accommodate the new workplace realities. Rethinking the underlying network infrastructure and those supported capabilities should be part of any process to restart a branch business.

In response to the new social distancing requirements, evolving business and government scenarios require immediate connectivity so organizations can quickly add locations and reallocate resources. With limited available IT staff, the infrastructure needs to be simple to deploy (and redeploy) without requiring skilled staff onsite. As disrupted businesses are shifted to online equivalents, they need 24×7 uptime and robust availability to meet these needs.

Yet a branch solution that is agile, resourceful, and simple to manage shouldn’t sacrifice the enterprise-class performance, reliability, and security that businesses and organizations have come to expect from the WAN.

Businesses have increasingly turned to Wireless WANs to provide these benefits. In the 2019 State of the WAN report from IDG, 41% of respondents used Wireless LTE — nearly the same amount as T1 (49%) and more than broadband ethernet (36%). Of those respondents using LTE, 77% used wireless in the branch; 50% used LTE in pop-up or temporary scenarios; and 22% used LTE across all remote use cases, including in IoT and fleet vehicles.

Cradlepoint has introduced a Wireless WAN service that makes it easy for branch customers needing enterprise-class performance, services, and features to build a better WAN as they restart their businesses. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Branch with E3000 Series router delivers flexible WAN connectivity options for all cellular or hybrid WAN to adapt to changing conditions. Available with a Gigabit LTE Cat 18 modem today, the platform has optimized capabilities and performance for a graceful migration path to the full spectrum of 5G.

The E3000 Series router is resourceful as an all-in-one platform that includes full-featured routing, PoE-enabled switching, security, and Wi-Fi 6 without needing extra hardware or complicated configurations. This multi-function capability helps conserve space, which is especially important in readjusted workspaces that still need all the services.

Rearchitected spaces require simplified management and connectivity without requiring onsite staff. Cradlepoint NetCloud makes it easy to rapidly deploy and dynamically manage hundreds of Wireless WAN endpoints at geographically distributed locations. Use NetCloud’s visibility and control capabilities to define and distribute global policies for advanced routing, traffic control, and security. Its intuitive insights leverage business intelligence and provide health and status alerts on security posture, network conditions, and carrier usage.

As we all re-evaluate our new work environments and the underlying network needs, we can look to ways to make the experience more flexible, resourceful, and simple to manage — without sacrificing enterprise-class capabilities — using a Wireless WAN.

For more information on the NetCloud Enterprise Branch Service with E3000 Series router, explore the product here.

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