Cradlepoint launches an integrated solution for edge-to-cloud computing with AWS IoT Greengrass

Devang Bhatt

Extensibility expedites rollout of IoT applications and services

For organizations living at the edge of innovation, fractions matter. The explosion of IoT devices and edge computing applications in the commercial space presents unparalleled opportunity, but realizing benefits — often measured in seconds, percentage points, and pennies — can come with prerequisite challenges. It’s difficult to ensure:

  • Reliable and secure aggregation for a wide range of sensors
  • Real-time response at the edge
  • Localization of data for privacy and security regulations
  • Guaranteed offline operation in the event cloud connectivity is lost

If only there were an easier way!

Cradlepoint’s recent announcement of NetCloud extensibility and open integrations facilitates secure cloud-to-cloud connections and container orchestration as a foundation. Information technology and operational technology teams are now better equipped to solve business problems by utilizing services from leading cloud providers — providing a framework to run custom applications by using containers on select Cradlepoint routers.

As an advanced Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, Cradlepoint is excited to announce this framework has been expanded to support AWS IoT Greengrass. This software running at the Wireless WAN edge extends AWS IoT Cloud Services and enables customers to build business-critical applications that can take advantage of the broad range of AWS services — ranging from device management, security, and analytics to machine learning.

This extensibility between Cradlepoint and AWS IoT Greengrass accelerates the time to market for business-critical applications and services across a variety of verticals. Examples include cold chain monitoring of foods across a franchise, smart video surveillance with real-time response for smart cities, and keeping sensitive patient data localized to comply with healthcare regulations.

Now business-critical applications that leverage NetCloud Service and AWS can propagate services from the cloud to the WAN edge. We are excited to embrace the next wave of innovation and use cases this partnership unlocks!

Look further into this integration between Cradlepoint and AWS Greengrass on our webpage.

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