The need for speed: 4G LTE enables a new wave of M2M applications – M2M Evolution Magazine

Ken Hosac

I am a member of the advisory board and regular contributor for M2M Evolution magazine, a new publication from TMC that provides in-depth coverage of the shift toward greater connectivity in the rapidly expanding machine-to-machine environment. 

I wrote an article titled The Need for Speed: 4G-LTE Enables a New Wave of M2M Applications for the recently released issue of the magazine in which I explore the changes taking place in the M2M world because of 4G LTE.

The growing availability of 4G LTE coverage is spurring a major wave of innovation in M2M devices and applications. In North America, the 4G LTE network footprints of multiple carriers are steadily moving towards 100 percent deployment. 4G LTE growth in EMEA and APAC is accelerating as well, driven in some cases by customer demand and in other cases by government initiatives.

Data rates using wireless 4G LTE typically range from 10 to 20mbps for downloads, and 5 to 10mbps for uploads. While this may be overkill for some traditional M2M applications, the availability of high-bandwidth wireless Internet is creating opportunities to not only innovate existing M2M applications, but also to enable new M2M applications that weren’t previously possible.

In the article I break down new developments enabled by 4G LTE in each of the following areas:

  • Kiosks
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Surveillance
  • Public Transportation
  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Business Continuity

Click here for the complete article.

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