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Rogers Launches Managed Solution for Private Cellular Networks with Cradlepoint as Key Partner

Donna Johnson

Private wireless networks provide organizations the ability to adapt with changing technology and applications

According to IDC, the Private Cellular Network (PCN) market is exploding and forecasted to reach $5.7B by 2024. As enterprise and public sector organizations turn to Private LTE and Private 5G networks for broad connectivity over wider distances with better performance, security, and predictable bandwidth costs, carriers are starting to rollout managed solutions to help deliver PCNs to the enterprise.  

Rogers, a leading telecom company in Canada, recently announce the launch of a managed solution to provide these private wireless networks to their customers. The solution gives large businesses a dedicated on-site cellular network platform to securely connect devices to their network, prioritize network traffic, control sensitive data, and run business applications. 

Cradlepoint is excited to be a part of this network offering, in partnership with Ericsson and Rogers. The variety of PCNcapable User Equipment (UEs) that Cradlepoint offers correspond to the variety of uses that private wireless networks are being put to. Whether connecting autonomous vehicles, manufacturing equipment, traffic lights or students learning at home, Cradlepoint has a PCN router with the ideal form factor, performance and cellular connectivity.  

And, all Cradlepoint PCN solutions are offered as part of Cradlepoint NetCloud Service, which provides a high level of manageability, troubleshooting, security, SD-WAN features, and analytics. This is as critical to the operation of a private network as it is for a typical enterprise WAN, and one of the reasons that businesses look to Cradlepoint as they build on private networks.  

Private wireless networks are also setting the stage for businesses to adopt 5G technology and massively increase the number of devices that can be connected to a private network in real-time.  

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