Simplifying cloud-to-cloud connections

Mike Hagman

Cradlepoint NetCloud integrations break down silos of SaaS and data

Many of today’s most successful businesses are driven by software and data — with SaaS and cloud at the crux of these systems. Organizations run a plethora of software applications, each with siloed data and manual processes for integrating systems and data together. It’s a common but necessary evil that results in manual, time-consuming swivel chair processes and inefficient business practices.

One of the ways to unsilo and unify SaaS and data is software integration, which means linking systems and software applications— essentially, combining separate components into a whole solution. Integrating complementary, best-in-class applications is powerful. Connecting cloud services through an extensible integration platform is particularly appealing because of how easy it can be to reach these applications.

When complementary third-party solutions share a common customer or partner, making it easy to connect the services is critical. In Cradlepoint’s case, NetCloud provides an extensible integration platform with a rich set of developer tools including the NetCloud API, NetCloud SDK (Software Development Kit), and NetCloud Container Orchestrator (Docker container support). These services empower customers and partners to develop integrations that solve business problems. It’s a developer toolkit with endless possibilities for applications such as occupancy monitoring, predictive maintenance, real-time edge responses in transportation, filtering data and processing analytics at the edge, and remote management of video surveillance.

For more common integrations, the key is to make it easy for users to make the integrated connections; NetCloud Manager does just that.

NetCloud-delivered integrations are designed to make even the most complicated integrations easy with just a few clicks. Simplifying difficult integrations boosts productivity, eliminates manual processes, breaks down application and data silos, increases flexibility, and improves operational efficiency.

The primary areas of focus for Cradlepoint’s initial NetCloud-delivered integrations are network/security, mobile/telematics, and cloud/IoT.

Cradlepoint’s Cloudshark integration, which falls into the “network/security” category, provides streamlined network troubleshooting and analysis with packet captures. Connecting NetCloud to CloudShark’s network packet analysis functionality saves time during troubleshooting, increases collaboration, and is simple for administrators to use time and time again.

With an emphasis on telematics and automatic vehicle location data, Cradlepoint’s Forward Thinking integration allows the rich GPS and location data from the NetCloud Service to be used in the Forward Thinking IntelliHub application with a straightforward linkage between the two services within NetCloud.

As an option for IoT ecosystem integration, Cradlepoint’s AWS Greengrass integration  extends AWS services onto Cradlepoint routers and adapters. This allows for quick configuration and enables AWS services to use data captured by Cradlepoint routers for IoT networking functions —or example, temperature and sensor monitoring and control.

More in-app NetCloud-delivered integrations are set to come, including updates to the NetCloud Edge Connector for Microsoft IoT Central integration. This allows the NetCloud Service to securely connect IoT devices on a Cradlepoint network to an Azure IoT Central application where users can easily monitor, manage, and derive analytics from IoT devices, at scale.

Cradlepoint NetCloud is a key service for running your network and integrating seamlessly with other applications, making it an indispensable part of your business.

Learn more on our Cradlepoint extensibility and open integrations webpage.

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