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What do you need from Cradlepoint? Your feedback matters

Mauricio Steffen

Announcing a new direct line to provide feedback and suggestions

I have been with Cradlepoint for more than eight years now, in various roles from support engineer and support management to now product management. During that time I’ve seen all sides of the product roadmap development process. How we gather, organize, and prioritize input from customers has evolved as we continually strive to be responsive to market, customer, and technology changes. But we have lacked a direct way for users to make sure their voice was heard; their feedback often has been filtered through our sales and support teams. With that in mind, we set out to improve our feedback mechanisms with a process where all stakeholders felt they would be heard and would be informed on the status of feature requests.

Why is your feedback important? Customer feedback and co-creation is a huge part of our product culture. The key to your success lies in us understanding who you are and which new ideas will empower you to continue to build more success in your business. Your feedback helps us discover the ideas, pain points, and opportunities that will impact your business the most, and which will make all our customers and partners more successful in the long run. In short, our community is at the core of everything we do.

How are we going to ensure your voice is heard? You may have already seen a couple of the ways we currently collect feedback.  In early 2019 we launched the Early Access topic in our Forums so customers and partners can provide feedback on features that are in early access or beta. In October 2019, we launched a survey inside NetCloud Manager.  This survey serves as your scorecard for us; twice per year this survey allows you to rate how we are doing and why. We love seeing the comments — the good and the bad.  We share them across the company and use them to inform our decision making.

However, that is not enough, and this week we are excited to launch a new feedback and feature request system integrated directly into NetCloud Manager, which will allow you to submit your requests directly to us. You can access it from the Resource Center (the yellow book) in the lower left corner of the screen. Once you click into the Resource Center, you will see a new option to “Share Your Feedback.”

As you continue to provide feedback and suggestions, we promise we will pay attention. While we can build anything, we can’t build everything, and we can’t guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented. However, we will acknowledge the feedback we get and set expectations on how we will engage with it. Nothing is more disheartening than for you to go through the trouble of providing feedback,  but then to feel that it went nowhere. You can review our feedback process, including how often feedback is reviewed and updated, in our knowledgebase.

Our community is the center of our business, and your input is a valuable source for information. Your voice is priceless, and we never stop listening!

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