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Behind the Tech: Keeping Smart Stores Connected

March 10, 2021

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Over the past several years, retailers have been investing heavily in a reimagined, smart store experience, building destination stores with next-gen technology designed to create memorable shopping experiences. While that investment continues in earnest, the onset of the ongoing health crisis necessitated a shift in immediate priorities as nimble retailers quickly equipped their stores with the technology necessary to ensure safe and effective COVID-19 operations.

To uncover where savvy retailers are making big bets this year and beyond, RIS News and IHL conducted the 18th annual “Store Experience Study” to benchmark tech investment throughout the industry. The report analyzes the technology that impacts the customer journey before shoppers get to a store, when they are in the store, and after they conduct their transaction.

This RIS News webinar will highlight the main findings of the report, including the next-gen technology initiatives leading retailers are investing in, and discuss how a secure and reliable network helps make them a reality. Nearly half of retailers report either having SD-WAN in place or planning a major upgrade in the next two years, and more than a third report the same for 5G, highlighting the need for investment in a powerful and nimble in-store network.

This webinar will dive into how Wireless WAN with 4G and 5G for business underpins your critical in-store initiatives in the year ahead, including:

  • Focused and personalized marketing
  • Temporary pop-up locations
  • Contactless payments
  • BOPIS and curbside pickup
  • Accurate inventory

Robin Manke-Cassidy

Director of Solution Marketing, Cradlepoint

Lee Holman

Lead Retail Analyst, IHL Services

Tim Denman

Editor in Chief, CGT & RIS News