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How 5G’s Impact on Business will Mimic LTE’s Impact on Consumers

September 30, 2021

11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET

Event Description

The evolution of today’s app economy and innovative consumer-focused solutions such as ride-sharing was made possible by the rise of LTE. Similarly, the rapid rollout of 5G has positioned businesses on the brink of an even greater transformation. 

What will 5G do for business? 5G offers fiber-fast, low-latency connections with cellular wireless flexibility, revving up existing data-intensive applications while enabling new innovative and immersive ones across industries. We are already starting to see first-hand the benefits 5G will bring.  

In this panel discussion, industry experts will explore: 

  • What 5G means for businesses today 
  • The current and future use cases of 5G 
  • The critical synergies between enterprises, carriers, and the 5G supply chain 
Moderator: Roy Chua, Founder and Principal, AvidThink

AvidThink is an independent research and advisory service formed in 2018 out of SDxCentral's research arm. Roy was previously co-founder at SDxCentral where he ran both the research and product teams. Roy was formerly a management consultant working with both Fortune 500 and startup technology companies on go-to-market and product consulting. As an early proponent of the software-defined infrastructure movement, Roy is a frequent speaker at events in the telco and cloud space and a regular contributor to leading technology publications. A graduate of UC Berkeley's electrical engineering and computer science program and MIT's Sloan School of Business, Chua has 20+ years of experience in telco and enterprise cloud computing, networking and security, including founding several Silicon Valley startups.

Lourdes Charles, Assistant VP of Product Marketing Management, AT&T

Lourdes Charles currently leads AT&T Business 5G product organization, with responsibilities for 4G LTE/5G network solutions inclusive of Multi-access Edge Computing, Private Cellular Network, and onboarding of next generation business applications. With over 20 years in telecommunications, she brings a wealth of business experience operationalizing and managing various security, wireline and mobility product organizations. Lourdes holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute and completed graduate studies in business administration at Long Island University in NY.

Donna Johnson, VP of Product and Solution Marketing, Cradlepoint

Donna specializes in helping startup and early stage companies bring new, innovative products to market, and is currently focused on driving technology adoption in the areas of 5G, IoT, and SD-WAN. Prior to Cradlepoint, Donna held product management and product marketing positions at Talari, an early pioneer in SD-WAN technology, and Citrix. Donna holds a Electrical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University.

Peter Linder, Head of 5G Marketing, Market Area North America, Ericsson

Peter Linder is a 5G evangelist and Head of 5G Marketing for Ericsson in North America. Onalytica ranked him as the #1 most influential expert across all tech sector topics on LinkedIn in 2020. He aspires to make you understand 5G more clearly and in-depth, so you can genuinely grok mobile G forces and maximize your impact on its use in your company. He follows Formula 1 racing passionately, loves to travel the world, and enjoys competitions in any shape and form in his leisure time.