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April 27 - 28 2022

Meadowlands, New Jersey

Event Description

ONUG Spring 2022 is where the Enterprise ONUG Community of Global 2000 companies, enterprise architects, cloud providers, and thought leaders gathers to address challenges and develop solutions to some of the most pressing issues faced by today’s hybrid multi-cloud enterprise consumer.

Brands in all industry sectors need to become digital to survive and thrive. The conference explores the solutions and technologies required to build cost-effective, networked, secure, and observable multi-cloud architectures PLUS a dedicated DevSecOps@ONUG Spring program to address the challenges inherent in operationalizing DevSecOps in the enterprise.


Learn more from Cradlepoint in our session on real-world stories in 5G WAN Transformation

As organizations are dealing with transformation everywhere, the enterprise WAN needs a new level of agility. This reality is driving companies to deploy WAN options that provide new levels of agility, reach, and security to support cloud-based applications and business imperatives. 5G is one new technology that enterprises are turning to. 5G, in either a public or a private form, is turning traditional WAN assumptions on its head. In this session we will talk with several customers who have already started down this path of WAN transformation with 5G and explain the benefits they are realizing and expect.