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Simplifying Security Compliance For Criminal Justice Information Services

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Event Description

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy is an important standard for law enforcement and public safety agencies to protect sensitive information. Sophisticated cyberattacks require that you reevaluate how you protect and manage data.

As agencies modernize infrastructure and move to the cloud, it’s important to consider the interface and collaboration between the network and security teams as well as state, local, and federal agencies.

Join this webinar, to hear how Cradlepoint and Palo Alto Networks collaborate to secure public safety on-the-move.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Key considerations for securing network and data in the field.
  • Understand the threats that could lead to a security breach.
  • How to simplify data security and CJIS compliance.
Daniel Dubief — Corporate Solutions Engineer, Cradlepoint

Daniel has more than 10 years in the technology industry, spending over seven years at Cradlepoint as an engineer. His responsibilities include the successful implementation and education of solutions to Cradlepoint customers with an emphasis on in-vehicle applications, including public safety. He also works on POC design and the development, maintenance, and upgrading of equipment and software.

Francisco Castillo — Government Strategist for Critical Infrastructure, Palo Alto Networks

Francisco brings over 20 years of senior-level security and technology management experience to the Public Sector team at Palo Alto Networks focused on innovative security solutions. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, Francisco spent 12 years as a chief architect and senior security advisor supporting the Department of State where he won several awards for special security projects from inter-bureau working groups, in addition to holding positions within the Department of Defense and other key agencies.