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Who's Afraid of Wireless WAN? 5 Myths of Going Wireless

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Wide-area network connections have been wired for decades — that’s just how it’s been. Now, as organizations start connecting their sites to WANs wirelessly, that may seem scary for some. Are the benefits of greater agility and reach worth it? Is wireless as reliable as wired access? What about performance and cost?

Join Wireless WAN experts to learn if Wireless WAN is as frightful as it may seem.

Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing at Cradlepoint

Donna Johnson is the VP of Product and Solution Marketing at Cradlepoint. Donna specializes in helping startup and early stage companies bring new, innovative products to market, and is currently focused on driving technology adoption in the areas of 5G, IoT, and SD-WAN. Prior to Cradlepoint, Donna held product management and product marketing positions at Talari, an early pioneer in SD-WAN technology, and Citrix.

James Weaver, Director of Product Marketing

James Weaver is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cradlepoint. With 25+ years of technology experience, James’ analytical-creative approach to marketing has earned him notable awards including the Presidential Award of Excellence, the Gold Award of Distinction, and the Gold Effie Award from the American Marketing Association. Prior to Cradlepoint, James held finance, marketing, and product marketing roles at Nortel and Avaya. James has a finance degree from Weber State University and an MBA in Marketing from Vanderbilt University. When not at work, James enjoys outdoor recreational sports and is proud of the fact that he has only had to call search and rescue once.