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Cradlepoint helps first responders leverage LTE and 5G for connectivity anytime, anywhere

Our portfolio of rugged routers paired with best-in-class cloud-based management software enables connectivity and streamlined network deployment and management — saving time and money. Our trusted solutions help agencies respond faster, improve safety, and create operational efficiencies.

Now, you can experience our robust in-vehicle solutions hands-on! Schedule a discovery call with us and eligible attendees will receive a no-cost ruggedized 5G and Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled router to “ride along” in your command vehicle for a trial period.

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Cradlepoint saves so much time for IT and so much frustration for the officers. With a Cradlepoint router secured in each trunk, officers know that when they get into their cruiser, they will be connected — end of story.”

— Sharon Jensen, IT Manager of Planning and Analysis, Boise Police Department

Connecting those who protect and serve

Cradlepoint is trusted by 6,000+ public sector agencies and 3000+ first responders in the U.S. and is the global leader in cloud-delivered wireless edge solutions. We equip you with the tools to deliver pervasive connectivity, software agility, and cloud scalability — anywhere you need to be.

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Our public safety-certified LTE and 5G ready wireless routers and adapters let you build and manage one network, on one platform, all supported by one call. And it’s only from company: Cradlepoint.

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Experience our robust in-vehicle solution hands-on! Schedule a discovery call with us and eligible attendees will receive a no-cost ruggedized 5G bluetooth-enabled router to “ride-along” in your vehicle for a trial period.

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