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Wireless edge solutions built to drive efficiency for fleets and transportation companies

Wireless connectivity is the only option for Internet-dependent transportation companies and vehicle fleets, so it better be done right. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile and wireless edge routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G connectivity for unflinching access to applications such as IoT in long-haul trucks, POS and guest Wi-Fi in taxis, and GPS and telematics in service vehicles. Cradlepoint solutions help IT teams and fleet managers better serve customers, enable business operations, and save money.


All-in-one solution for nonstop connectivity

With one or several nationwide cellular carriers running through an all-in-one solution, ensure constant connectivity through the most advanced LTE technology.


Put telemetry data to work

Solutions with active GPS and AVL integration enable cloud access to location information and vehicle performance data, leading to better-informed decisions.


Optimize performance with mobile SD-WAN

Use dual modems and SD-WAN intelligence to automate and optimize network traffic patterns between multiple cellular or Wi-Fi links, based on preset business policies.


Stay connected in extreme conditions

Tough, ruggedized routers are designed for long life and engineered to work well even when vehicles encounter extreme temperatures, humidity, shocks, vibrations, dust, and water splash.


Centrally manage the entire fleet

Minimize one-off vehicle troubleshooting by monitoring, managing, and analyzing connectivity and security issues from anywhere through NetCloud Manager.


Protect mission-critical information

Discover enterprise-class in-vehicle data protection through a unified security approach including  IoT isolation, secure Internet access, threat detection, and support for PCI compliance.

The power of centrally managed connectivity in fleet vehicles

  • Public transportation
  • Private transportation
  • Utility vehicles
  • Service vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Long-haul trucks

Manage more vehicles with fewer resources

Experience cloud-managed wireless edge solutions that enable your team to achieve more with fewer resources or in-person visits to each vehicle. NetCloud Manager provides full lifecycle management for the Wireless WAN edge, along with built-in intelligence for optimization of connection performance across multiple cellular carriers.


Routers purpose-built for in-vehicle networking

Cradlepoint’s mobile wireless edge routers are designed to face the rigors of in-vehicle networking — all with best-in-class LTE powered by software-defined modem technology. Anywhere your vehicles go, enterprise-grade connectivity is along for the ride.


Network security starts at the edge

Trends such as on-board IoT, rider and driver Wi-Fi, and evolving cyber crime make network security in fleet vehicles more challenging than ever. Cradlepoint solutions deliver compliance, application-level control, real-time threat intelligence, segmentation, and secure device-to-cloud IoT connections — anywhere the road may lead.


With Cradlepoint, you’re on the

Pathway to 5G

Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE and Gigabit-Class LTE edge networking solutions will put your organization on the Pathway to 5G, enabling innovations as unique and innovative as your company’s imagination.


Companies and agencies in 50+ countries rely on Cradlepoint for in-vehicle connectivity.

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