Starlink, 5G, and LTE for Enterprise Networking

As satellite and cellular technologies progress, so do their benefits and use cases. Each has its strengths, and when paired together, a 5G solution like Cradlepoint and a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite solution like Starlink can form a powerful tool enabling exceptional network flexibility, reliability, and performance. 

FAQs about Starlink + 5G

Starlink or 5G — why choose?

In the Wireless WAN debate, some think of it as “Starlink vs. 5G.” But why ask that question when you can use both? Whether you choose LEO satellite as the primary link or backup link, pairing Starlink and Cradlepoint solutions together maximizes the potential for high-performance, incredibly reliable, and exceptionally secure WAN access. 

How to use Starlink with cellular and SD-WAN

It really isn’t rocket science. The Starlink device connects via Ethernet and IP passthrough to the Cradlepoint primary router and, voila! Multi-WAN functionality for excellent network flexibility. Using Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange SD-WAN allows organizations to intelligently steer traffic, on a per-application basis, across satellite, cellular, and wired links. It’s a new level of wireless-optimized SD-WAN.

Differences between cellular and satellite (and LEO vs. HEO)

It’s important to know and lean into your strengths. LEO satellite service through Starlink is available almost everywhere — so valuable for many use cases — with better download and upload speeds and lower latency than high Earth orbit (HEO) satellite. Cellular brings a better combination of bandwidth and latency, along with more capacity and ability to handle congestion. Plus, it’s inherently secure. Together, LEO satellite and cellular provide secure performance with reliability anywhere.

Why and how 5G and Starlink failover work well together

In most cases, satellite is best suited as a failover mechanism for cellular, wired, or both in fixed locations — with key exceptions in remote areas, where cellular and wired performance might only be good enough to provide emergency backup behind Starlink, to support basic applications such as email. In vehicles, a satellite + failover configuration can become even more reliable with the use of multiple modems, and thus multiple carriers — providing fully wireless, fully automatic failover between three different providers.

5G SASE for added security in Starlink deployments

Starlink provides a simple solution, but not the robust, wide-ranging network security features necessary today for preventing breaches. Connecting a satellite gateway to a Cradlepoint router adds not only the inherent network security of cellular WAN, but also the ability to easily add zero trust tunnels and remote access and SASE features — all controlled through one management platform.

Best use cases for Starlink + 5G

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