Cellular Failover and Out-of-Band Management


Gartner estimates that every hour of internet downtime costs enterprise organizations an average of $300,000. Downtime can grind business to a halt by cutting off access to critical devices and applications such as point of sale, inventory management, data storage, and communications.  


Use a Cradlepoint adapter or router to back up a wired-only primary router in a fixed location, providing cellular failover and wireless Out-of-Band Management. Policies can immediately direct traffic to pass across the wireless link when the primary wired link experiences downtime. Once the wired link is restored, traffic flow automatically returns to normal — in most cases, unnoticed by users and customers.  

Benefitting from cellular failover and Out-of-Band Management


Seamless automatic cellular failover

Whereas wired failover typically uses the same lastmile trenches and backhaul pathways, a Wireless WAN connection offers a diverse pathway through the air and allows policies to send traffic across a 5G or LTE link immediately. This automatic failover and WAN redundancy enable reliable uptime for networks where 24/7 connectivity is paramount. 


Remote visibility into primary hardware failover

With a direct connection from the console port of the adapter to the primary router, administrators can connect to the router over the air, even if IP and Ethernet on the router are not functioning or available. This enables remote troubleshooting without rolling a truck or paying for slow, expensive POTS lines. 


Manage and monitor connections from anywhere

Instead of relying on third-party visits or corporate travel for network fixes, lean IT teams can take advantage of Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager to activate, manage, and troubleshoot routers and adapters. These remote management capabilities are all available within a single interface, keeping connections online and staff to-do lists short.  

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