Cellular for IoT Digital Signs


Digital signs are changing how companies deliver ads and other types of information to the masses — and where they can do it. The ability to remotely manipulate content anywhere, anytime saves organizations time and money while supporting advertising efforts that drive revenue. But widespread signs, often in remote locations, are challenging to connect. They usually need a dedicated network connection, and wired lines are often unavailable, too expensive, or take too long to deploy.   


Use a Cradlepoint solution — including compact IoT routers with zero trust networking — to enable remote manipulation of ads and messaging on widely distributed digital screens, both inside buildings and outdoors.   

Illuminating digital signs with cellular connectivity


Simple to connect and
ready to scale

Relying on wired connectivity for digital signs is a showstopper for organizations needing to set up hundreds or even thousands of signs over a vast distance. Fortunately, cellular can go where wires can’t. Using a 5G or LTE solution, businesses can quickly connect signs to a wireless router, putting them online from day 1, regardless of location or quantity.  


Inherent security protects the network

Adding digital signs to your network expands the attack surface, creating new security challenges to address. With a “never trust; always verify” solution, Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange (NCX) Secure Connect allows businesses to quickly establish zero trust encrypted tunnels in place of traditional VPNs. NCX Zero Trust Network Access extends access to authorized, authenticated users for specific resources — and nothing else.  


Centralized network control from anywhere

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for IoT provides constant connectivity via a 5G or LTE network, ensuring digital signs always deliver the right content at the right time. What’s more, IT teams have cloud-based visibility into signal strength, latency, and other factors to stay informed on data usage or troubleshoot issues whenever the need arises — without ordering an expensive truck roll.

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