Cellular for IoT in Vehicles


Some vehicles gather IoT data, allowing organizations to improve fleet management, rider experience, and operations. However, sending high volumes of IoT data to the cloud for processing, analysis, and storage is impractical and fails to provide sufficient real-time responses and the low latency needed for the growing number of IoT devices in vehicles.


Use a Cradlepoint solution — including routers with SDK and container orchestration capabilities and zero trust networking — to securely connect IoT devices and applications (likely via wired LAN) inside fleet vehicles. Edge computing enables data processing at the edge, reducing data usage. 

Bringing cellular connectivity along for the ride


Stay connected no matter where the road takes you

Using Cradlepoint dualmodem routers, vehicles can connect to multiple cellular networks simultaneously, ensuring on-board IoT devices can continuously send and receive critical data. Even in extreme conditions, ruggedized routers can withstand dust, humidity, shocks, extreme temperatures, and moisture, making them a highly reliable travel partner. 


Comprehensive in-vehicle security for IoT

Cradlepoint routers play nicely with other tech while keeping bad actors at bay. Each router is equipped with a built-in firewall and supports the easy setup of encrypted tunnels and zero trust implementation to safeguard sensitive data sent to and from IoT devices in the field. 


Fleets on the ground, management in the cloud

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service keeps in-vehicle IoT devices — and those who use them — connected via 5G and LTE networks nationwide. Even as the number of connected on-board technologies continues to rise, IT teams can monitor and manage every wireless router across an entire fleet using a cloud-based platform.  

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