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IoT data gathered by sensors at the network edge is critical for organizations’ business intelligence, employee or public safety, and more. IoT deployments that process data in real time need reliable WAN connectivity — especially in remote environments — that is secure and can be centrally managed from anywhere. Additionally, businesses must be able to provide secure access to third parties remotely managing their IoT devices to minimize security risks.


Use a Cradlepoint solution — including compact IoT routers with SDK and container orchestration capabilities and zero trust networking — to securely send IoT data from widely distributed sensors to the cloud and physical locations. Reduce the risk of a security breach by providing secure remote access to third-party contractors and suppliers using Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange (NCX) Zero Trust Network Access. 

Connect IoT devices with cellular solutions featuring zero trust security


Ensure data reliability with constant uptime

Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade IoT 5G or LTE routers guarantee high-performance connectivity and constant uptime through nationwide cellular carriers. Modems with dual-SIM functionality enable the ability to immediately and remotely switch carriers in the event of a poor signal — all without loss of data. 


Manage connectivity from one centralized location

With a cloud-based management solution like Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager, companies can set up alerts notifying them of WAN outages and signal fluctuations. When a problem occurs, IT teams can remotely determine the root cause — and often fix the problem — before ordering an expensive truck roll. 


Provide secure third-party remote access

Although helpful, third-party remote management can increase security risks. NCX Secure Connect safeguards sensitive data by establishing secure IoT tunnels to protect against malicious actors and prevent lateral movement. NCX Zero Trust Network Access can then extend certain parts of the network to thirdparty contractors, suppliers, and certain employees without giving them access to any resources on the main network  

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