Instant Internet for Day-1 Connectivity


Organizations that regularly open locations with strict deadlines — based on revenue and business goals — often can’t afford to wait for wired lines to be installed. They need secure access immediately so their employees can prepare for and operations can begin on the predetermined opening day.


Use a Cradlepoint solution — including enterprise routers with SD-WAN services — to optimize the eventual use of multiple WAN links, and security features such as zero trust networking and IDS/IPS. This allows you to immediately set up cellular as the primary WAN link at a fixed location that is new or has moved, especially as you wait for wired connectivity to be deployed. Once wired connectivity is available, adjust the configuration (cellular as failover, cellular as primary, etc.) as needed. 

Key factors for a successful day-1 solution


Immediate connectivity through cellular

Cradlepoint’s all-in-one routers feature embedded high-performance 5G or LTE modems, eliminating the need to wait for wired lines. These routers establish a secure cellular connection as the primary link, guaranteeing day-1 connectivity at new locations. Businesses can open on schedule, unshackled by network delays. 


Support of multiple types of WAN and LAN connections

Cradlepoint’s solutions are built with flexibility in mind. Routers support various WAN and LAN connection types, including cellular, wired broadband, and fiber. This allows businesses to leverage the most suitable option for their specific needs. Furthermore, Cradlepoint’s multi-WAN capabilities enable businesses to distribute network traffic across multiple WAN connections for optimal performance and redundancy. Additionally, businesses can utilize cellular as a failover option, ensuring uninterrupted operation even if the primary wired connection goes down. 

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