Primary Cellular for Fixed Sites


Organizations with lots of existing and planned locations — such as retail stores and restaurants — need immediate network access that can be deployed quickly and repeated all over the world. They can save time and money if they completely bypass wired connectivity, but doing so requires an alternate type of WAN link with enough reliability and performance to support an entire site.


Use a Cradlepoint router with SD-WAN services and security features such as zero trust and IDS/IPS — leveraging 5G for primary and possibly also failover connectivity. Across a large footprint of stores, managing a few cellular carriers instead of hundreds of regionally based ISPs is a huge time and money saver.

Why and how to lead with cellular in fixed locations


Cellular goes where wires can’t

Rural settings or new developments may not have access to fiber, T1 lines, or other wired connections, creating islands of nonconnectivity, even in urban and suburban locations. Cellular first or wireless-only networks provide extensive coverage and reach across enterprise-class 5G and LTE networks. Businesses can still take advantage of WAN link diversity using Cradlepoint branch routers with support for multiple modems and carriers. If one carrier loses signal or performance, another can connect automatically — providing wireless-to-wireless WAN failover.


Connect on day 1 and avoid delays

Wired networks require significant planning and execution, and often cause delays as businesses and their employees wait for backlogged installation services. Wireless connectivity through a Cradlepoint branch router enables businesses to move, pivot, and expand rapidly. Rather than suffering through the cost and setup of cable installations, 5G and LTE networks can be brought online right out of the box.


Manage performance and security from anywhere

Branch locations aren’t staffed with on-site IT experts. Instead of using third-party truck rolls or corporate travel for network adjustments and troubleshooting, lean IT teams use Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager to activate, manage, and troubleshoot hundreds of wireless routers from a single pane of glass — including SD-WAN and advanced security policies.

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