Protect Sensitive Data in GenAI Platforms


Generative AI (GenAI) tools like Bard and ChatGPT automate tasks, generate creative content, and streamline workflows across industries. While the potential efficiencies are undeniable, a significant data security challenge lurks beneath the surface. Sensitive information entered into GenAI platforms can become part of training datasets. This raises the potential for unauthorized access in future responses, exposing confidential data.


Cradlepoint offers an isolation-based security solution designed to bridge the gap between GenAI efficiency and data protection. This multi-layered approach tackles the challenge head-on by creating a secure environment for these powerful tools.

Essential factors for GenAI security


Clientless GenAI isolation

This “clientless isolation” environment seamlessly integrates with GenAI platforms, allowing users to interact with them as usual. However, a critical safeguard exists: sensitive data like PII never reaches the actual GenAI site itself. This isolation layer acts as a secure barrier, protecting data from inadvertent exposure. Additionally, Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology acts as a digital security guard, ensuring malware-free downloads by sanitizing attachments and files. 


Policy management for GenAI environments

Cradlepoint empowers administrators with complete control over user access and data actions within the GenAI environment. Leverage centralized, customizable policies to define authorized users, and to set granular restrictions on uploads, downloads, and clipboard functions. Implement customizable reminders to ensure responsible GenAI practices. Deployment, installation, and management of the entire solution can be done remotely, facilitating a seamless user onboarding experience. 

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