Secure Application Access for Third Parties and Employees


Third-party contractors are crucial for organizational success, bringing specialized skills to tackle critical projects. However, granting them access to essential applications on unmanaged devices creates a security minefield. These devices often lack robust security protocols, raising concerns about data breaches and malware infiltration. Finding a way to ensure secure access for both contractors and remote employees without overburdening IT teams or compromising network security becomes a critical balancing act.


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) by Cradlepoint offers a powerful solution: web application isolation (WAI). This innovative technology isolates web applications within a secure cloud environment, effectively shielding them from risks associated with unmanaged devices.

Key Factors for Securing Applications on Unmanaged Devices


Simplified security management with Web Application Isolation

WAI is a clientless technology that safeguards data within popular applications like Office 365, along with internal web and private cloud apps. It enforces granular, policy-based control restricting uploads, downloads, copy/paste functions, and more all without requiring device configuration on the contractor’s end. Contractors simply use their standard browsers, while IT teams manage access policies centrally through the cloud, ensuring security is tailored to each application. 


Enhanced protection with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

RBI creates a secure, virtual environment within the cloud, effectively air-gapping applications and safeguarding your broader network. This separation allows seamless access for contractors while shielding applications from potential threats lurking on unmanaged devices. With RBI, collaboration is empowered without compromising security. 

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