Secure Web and Email Access Through Isolation


Traditional web filters can be blindsided by well-disguised malware lurking on websites or hidden in phishing emails. Even the most cautious employees can fall victim to a single click, exposing your network to devastating attacks. Since mistakes are inevitable, proactive security measures are essential to shield your enterprise systems and data.


Use a Cradlepoint isolation solution for a multi-layered approach to securing web and email access. This combined solution leverages the strengths of both Cradlepoint's Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Web Gateway technologies with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to deliver comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats.

Key factors for securing Web and Email Access   


Safe rendering with remote browser isolation (RBI)

Zero trust utilizes RBI technology to separate web browsing activity into a secure, cloud-based environment. When a user clicks a link, the web content renders within an isolated virtual browser in the cloud, completely separate from the user’s device and network.   


Secure web gateways to stop zero-day attacks

Standing guard between users and the web, SWGs analyze all traffic, filtering out or isolating suspicious activity. SWG solutions work seamlessly with SASE to add extra protection with RBI and data loss prevention (DLP), effectively confining risky websites inside remote cloud containers. 


Granular Access Control with ZTNA

ZTNA provides secure and granular access control. This allows organizations to grant secure, isolated user-to-resource access to contractors, IT users, or any authorized personnel, regardless of their location.

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