What is Cellular Intelligence?

Delivering exceptional LTE and 5G performance and reliability at scale requires advanced cellular capabilities that can’t be met by entry-level solutions. Cellular Intelligence is a collection of software features — built into Cradlepoint’s wireless edge routers and adapters — that enable networking IT teams to visualize and optimize cellular connections, data plans and traffic flow, enabling Wireless WAN deployments with greater simplicity. 

Cellular Intelligence is built into
everything we do



Innovations embedded in our modems ensure that our Wireless WAN routers and adapters can connect to the cellular network faster and hold those connections longer than industry alternatives.


NetCloud insights

Comprehensive multi-layered dashboards, in-depth cellular health reporting, and live views of signal strength provide the visibility required to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your Wireless WAN.


SIM management

Extended visibility and control over SIMs and data plans (in addition to routers and adapters) ensure faster time to service, enhanced troubleshooting, and more accurate cost containment and management.


Traffic optimization

Cellular-optimized SD-WAN with application-aware and condition-based WAN selection for enhanced quality of experience.


Management plane

A lightweight and secure management protocol with in-depth diagnostic, alerting, and log data delivers cloud-based router management and troubleshooting while using minimal amounts of data.

Why Cellular Intelligence matters

Elevates quality of experience

With advanced cellular capabilities, Cradlepoint routers and adapters are engineered to deliver fast, predictable, and reliable connectivity — even in the most complex RF environments.

Enables massive scale

Cellular intelligence embedded within comprehensive centralized management tools is a key requirement for enabling the Wireless WAN network to scale without added complexity.

Operational efficiency

Providing integrated SIM management gives enterprises a true single pane of glass for their routers, SIM cards, and data plans, reducing complexity, and ensuring more seamless deployments.

Cellular Intelligence features

High-quality connections

  • Innovative modem design eliminates noise while optimizing signal
  • Best-in-class carrier certification process
  • Built-in SLA tool for validating end-to-end connections
  • Continuous connection monitoring for early detection of issues

NetCloud insights

  • Complete lifecycle management for Wireless WAN
  • Multi-layered dashboards with ultra-granular cellular breakouts (carrier, service, band, 5G mmWave vs. sub-6)
  • Comprehensive cellular health reporting
  • 5G-optimized speed tests with historical tracking
  • Live views of signal strength
  • Location services that include visibility to connected cell towers
  • Coverage mapping

SIM management

  • Integration with Simetric, a SIM management aggregator of carriers and their connectivity management platforms (CMP)

Traffic optimization

  • Traffic steering policies based on real-time WAN conditions
  • Application-aware traffic steering
  • Application-based failover control

Efficient management plane

  • Wireless WAN optimized; 10x more efficient than traditional protocols
  • Secure and efficient transfer of telemetry data to the cloud
  • Minimal impact to data plans

Cloud-Managed Products

NetCloud Service is delivered through purpose-built router and adapter endpoints with 4G LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi connectivity. See all the possibilities here.

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