Cradlepoint Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro Edge Solutions for Verizon

Cradlepoint Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro Edge Solutions for Verizon

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Cradlepoint Gigabit-Class Wireless Solutions for Verizon

As 5G approaches, organizations across the country already are planning for the new applications and transformative capabilities it will enable. Verizon and Cradlepoint are helping businesses and public safety agencies take their first step on the Pathway to 5G by offering 5G Ready Gigabit-Class LTE solutions. Not only is Gigabit-Class LTE a foundational component of the 5G architecture, but with performance that now rivals most wired broadband services, organizations can extend their applications with greater performance — such as mobile services, video surveillance, digital signage and more.

Cradlepoint routers are a critical element of the NetCloud Service, which includes networking services, 24x7 support, and a limited lifetime warranty. The routers utilize Elastic Wideband Technology that senses and optimizes how LTE connections originate, persist, and perform to deliver the best user experience possible — and with the most efficient use of cellular data.

First with the Fastest LTE Connectivity for First Responders


Cradlepoint First Responder Solutions: COR IBR1700, COR IBR900 Series, AER2200, MC400


Cradlepoint is the first to introduce a portfolio of Gigabit-Class LTE router solutions for fast, secure, and reliable access to the Verizon Private Core Network. With purpose-built solutions for in-vehicle, station, and IoT connectivity, Cradlepoint helps first responder and public safety agencies stay safer, respond faster, and perform better.

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Mobile Solutions

With the industry’s fastest LTE connectivity, optional dual-carrier support, and a complete security solution, Cradlepoint mobile solutions provide reliable and secure connectivity for personnel and their on-board devices. And all mobile solutions deliver telematics and location services that fleet managers need, Out-of-Band Management access to keep vehicles on the road, and cloud management to simplify deployment and troubleshooting.

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COR IBR1700-1200M

Cradlepoint COR IBR1700-1200M Mobile Router



The COR IBR1700-1200M ruggedized Gigabit-Class LTE mobile router is designed for the most demanding mobile networking scenarios across a wide range of commercial and public sector in-vehicle applications, including first responder mobile command centers, mass transit and school buses, commercial truck fleets, and more.

Quick Feature Set:

  • Embedded Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro modem
  • Optional second modem provides dual-carrier support
  • Integrated firewall with available threat detection & content filtering
  • 802.11ac Wave 2 dual-band simultanious tri-band Gigabit WiFi
  • 5 GigE ports
  • Precision GPS & dead-reckoning


COR IBR900-1200M

Cradlepoint COR IBR900-1200M Mobile Router



The COR IBR900-1200M is a compact, ruggedized LTE mobile router for advanced in-vehicle connectivity and mobile applications, including first responders, service and delivery vans, taxi and limo fleets, and more.

Quick Feature Set:

  • Embedded Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro modem
  • Optional extensibility dock & second modem for dual-carrier support
  • 2 GigE ports (optional 4 total)
  • 802.11ac Wave 2 dual-band, dual-concurrent Gigabit WiFi
  • Active GPS
  • Integrated firewall with available threat detection & content filtering


MC400-1200M Modular Modem

MC400-1200M Modular Modem



The MC400-1200M Modular LTE Modem combines enterprise reliability with unparalleled agility for networking at the edge. New or existing MC400-capable branch, mobile, or IoT routers can be upgraded with an MC400 to include industry-leading capabilities such as dual modems and LTE Advanced Pro.

Quick Feature Set:

  • Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro Modem
  • Add a second modem
  • Dual SIM slots
  • Active GPS

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Branch Connectivity Solutions

Designed specifically for high availability and agility, Cradlepoint’s branch solutions provide the all-in-one capabilities that organizations need to run hundreds or thousands of critical customer, patient, or public-facing sites. The cloud-delivered service includes powerful remote management, dynamic routing, a built-in firewall, and support for multiple diverse WAN links. With an integrated LTE modem using Cradlepoint’s specialized LTE connectivity and the industry's fastest LTE networks, Cradlepoint branch connectivity solutions make it easy to deploy SD-WAN at the edge without impacting the datacenter.

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AER2200-1200M Branch Router



The AER2200-1200M branch router is designed for small- to mid-sized branches such as restaurants, retail stores, store-within-a-store, police stations, and more — with expanded connectivity needs to intelligently manage wired and wireless WAN connectivity.

Quick Feature Set:

  • Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro modem
  • Optional dual modems
  • 10 GigE wired WAN connections
  • Integrated firewall with available threat detection & content filtering
  • Dual-band, dual-concurrant 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi

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Branch Continuity Solutions

Cradlepoint’s branch continuity solutions provide assured reliability to locations that need always-on access to applications and the Internet. Using Cradlepoint’s specialized LTE connectivity, branch continuity solutions are designed as turnkey networking solutions for best-in-class LTE failover and integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure. These solutions provide an ideal way to add LTE as an alternative bandwidth source to an SD-WAN deployment.

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ARC CBA850-1200M

ARC CBA850-1200M Branch LTE Adapter



The ARC CBA850 LTE Adapter is a turnkey networking solution with the industry’s fastest LTE failover connection and cloud-secure Out-of-Band Management. Equipped with Power-over-Ethernet for flexible, unobtrusive placement anywhere to optimize cellular reception, this solution also reduces truck rolls, consolidates infrastructure, and maximizes uptime for businesses that require always-on connectivity.

Quick Feature Set:

  • Includes a Gigabit-Class LTE Advanced Pro MC400 Modular modem
  • Plug-and-play overlay failover
  • Out-of-Band Management
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Usage alerts for single or pooled data plans