As Networking Demands Grow, So Must Your Network Agility: Cradlepoint MC400

Here at Cradlepoint, we pride ourselves at being in close touch with our customers and in providing them with solutions that meet their evolving needs. Lately, customers have been telling us that they want solutions that provide high bandwidth and agility to meet growing consumer demand for the “connected retail experience.”

In early January 2014, we launched our AER2100 cloud-managed solution to enable our customers to meet this demand. Moore’s Law states that processor speeds will double every two years. That’s a good thing, but it also means consumers will begin to use more and more data hungry apps, creating greater demands for bandwidth. That’s why this month we’ve introduced the new Cradlepoint MC400.

The MC400 allows two enterprise grade modems to be embedded within the Cradlepoint AER2100. That means greater bandwidth for today’s data-intensive applications and WAN Diversity™ for 99.999% reliability.

It also gives enterprise organizations the capability to support up to four SIM cards within a single router, giving them the flexibility to use whatever carrier offers the best service at any given location.

Compared to consumer grade USB modems, the MC400 is enterprise tested for 24x7 use, includes high-gain external antennas, and comes with world-class support.

Are you ready to keep up with your end users? Learn more about how the Cradlepoint MC400 lets you take full advantage of the speed and dependability of 4G LTE.