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A vote of confidence in the future of 5G

It’s election time again in the UK, the third time the country has gone to the national polls in as many years. While we might be reaching our limit with the party-political squabbling and the frenzy of a media desperately trying to whip up some interest in an election-fatigued nation, it’s still a good opportunity to take a look at where the parties stand on some of the bigger digital and IT issues.   

Cradlepoint's nine best practice for network security in retail

With the rapid growth of mobile devices, cloud-based applications, credit card purchases, and the Internet of Things (IoT), maintaining network security is more difficult, and more important, than ever before, says Cradlepoint EMEA Vice President, Hubert Da Costa.

Although the retail landscape is becoming increasingly distributed, bricks-and-mortar is experiencing a sustained resurgence. Some of the world’s largest online retailers, including Alibaba and Amazon, are testing in-store strategies, and IBM has predicted that buying locally will surpass online buying by 2018 — thanks to cloud-based systems, big data, and predictive analytics.

Cradlepoint to Host Panel Discussion on the State of the Internet of Things at ICX Summit

MEDIA ALERT: BOISE, Idaho – June 5, 2017 – Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-based network solutions for connecting people, places and things over wired and wireless broadband, today announced participation in ICX Summit to discuss the state of the Internet of Things (IoT). Cradlepoint vice president Ken Hosac will moderate the panel to explore the intersection of customer experience (CX) and IoT.

Beyond the IoT Hype

There will be 8.4 billion connected ‘things’ in use in 2017. This number is up 31% from 2016, with Gartner further estimating that by 2020, there will be more 20 billion devices connected through the Internet of Things (IoT). But is it all just hype? Will connected ‘things’ really change the world?

Powering network connectivity for retailers

Walk into a retail outlet today and there is a tremendous amount of technology that exists whether it’s electronic tags, traffic counters, point of sale (POS) systems, security cameras or initiatives for transforming the in-store journey like kiosks, beacons, tablets or even virtual reality experiences. The networking for all these initiatives is becoming increasingly complex and costly with more and more data traffic to meet the needs of the fast-moving retail environment. Powering Wi-Fi and store applications, powering the day-to-day operational demands, powering unified commerce, powering the customer experience and demands for more digital services has made connectivity a primary challenge facing retailers.