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Do More Wire Less for Success

We recently asked our customers to tell us their success stories of how Cradlepoint solutions are empowering their organizations. We received more than 100 submissions from companies of all sizes and industry segments. From listening to their stories it is abundantly clear that they are taking the world into a new era of networking innovation.

From small aircraft flying at 6,000 feet to high-tech NYC tourist boats, and telemedicine solutions that help healthcare providers extend their treatment to patients outside the hospital. Cradlepoint makes networking less complex, easier to manage, more secure and cost-effective so companies can do more. These stories prove just how fast innovation is moving.

Our three “Do More Wire Less” grand prize winners of the Parrot Bebop Drones are listed below:

Statue Cruises

Statue Cruises is the exclusive means of transportation to and from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York City. To ensure uninterrupted credit card processing and CCTV camera feeds, the company uses the AER2100 and NetCloud Manager to utilize WiFi as WAN for primary connection and cellular broadband whenever the boats travel outside the range of their WiFi network.

Harford County, Maryland

In Harford County, Maryland, fire and EMS medic units, command vehicles, and two municipal police agencies are using the COR IBR1100 platforms and NetCloud Manager to always stay connected and to drastically reduce man-hours spent managing networks. Teams there are utilizing cellular broadband for an array of applications, including AVL/CAD and VoIP.

Harford County Maryland logo

Visio Health & Technical Solutions

Visio Health and Technical Solutions was tasked with providing a highly portable diagnostic telemedicine system facilitating real-time, two-way video communication between doctors and patients anywhere in the U.S. Visio chose Cradlepoint’s COR IBR650 platform with secure and reliable VPN functionality to support organizations such as Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

Visio Health and Technical Solutions logo


Before Cradlepoint, we could only offer the expertise of our subspecialists via telemedicine to patients in areas that we knew had good internet cabling. By having our own portable Internet, we can connect physician specialist to patients anywhere without the worry of compromised connectivity. Cradlepoint has helped to break down a major barrier in contemporary healthcare.”

Morgan Waller
Director of Telemedicine Professional Services, Children's Mercy Hospital (Kansas City)

Cradlepoint NCM is one of the easiest-to-use network management tools I’ve encountered in this line of work, while still maintaining a robust feature set.”

I wouldn't trade my Cradlepoint devices for anything.”

Business, end users and IT are all happy — and better off.”

Immediately after installing the AER2100, we noticed credit card sales through our POS jump about 750%... and the support staff was the best.”

We are now able to report PCI Compliance. Especially helpful was the reduction in infrastructure (no switches and few Ethernet wires). We went to zero vulnerabilities on our external scans, and NCM makes management a breeze.”

Using the NCM solution has saved us hundreds of man-hours that we used to spend changing a config or completing firmware updates.”

Using competitor products, I could hardly get service outside of some major cities. Now I can go to an event in the middle of a swamp in Florida and have steady, reliable coverage.”

The results of our Cradlepoint initiative have been staggering — not only in cost savings for Internet services, but also exponentially in preventing loss of sales.”

The IBR COR600 is one of our favorite products, as it allows us to quickly deploy wireless Internet services to customers as soon as they request it.”