5G Connectivity & Security: Critical for the Growth of IoT

5G isn’t just a trendy buzzword. For enterprises and organizations everywhere, 5G has vast potential to expand what’s possible — especially for IoT.

With IoT deployments popping up everywhere and 5G rollouts right around the corner, organizations can take advantage of new opportunities ranging from very high-density IoT to augmented reality and real-time video to provide new services and gain competitive advantages. Many use cases that already are thriving with 4G LTE are poised for even greater performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency once 5G arrives.

Join Cradlepoint’s Roger Billings, Global Solutions Architect, for a live webinar on June 7, 2018, at 9 am PT. You’ll explore the opportunities, challenges, and solutions surrounding 5G and IoT connectivity, security, and management.