Reliable & Agile Network Connectivity for Digital Signage

Consumers are no longer just observers in the world of signage; today they can engage in an enriched, interactive viewing experience. 

However, to become digital, applications need a secure, reliable network solution, providing faster ROI and added value to digital signage solutions. When digital signage is connected to the Internet, it’s possible for businesses to gain real-time intelligence and respond to information quickly. Wireless connectivity lets the network move fast to adjust messages as frequently as necessary. Businesses can also manage a single wireless network — with devices connecting across the world — from a single, remote location. Additionally, keeping digital signage on its own wireless network, physically separate from the main network, strengthens cybersecurity by shrinking a company’s attack surface.

Digital signage solutions may encompass many features including:
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Ambiance for the customer experience
  • Data analysis & delivery plans for assisted selling
  • Product information
  • Brand messaging & marketing
  • Real-time intelligence & customer engagement
  • Self-service applications
  • Wayfinding
Digital signage can reach consumers in a way that print and static signage can only dream of and the adoption of digital signage is only growing as cloud, mobile, and wearables become the norm. However, implementation of these applications will not be successful without a constant, secure network connection.

Join Cradlepoint for a live webinar on July 24, 2018, at 9:00 am PT to learn about trends and advancements in digital signage and how reliable connectivity and cloud management impact and enable deployments.
Presenter Michael Dickens is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Cradlepoint. Over his 8 year tenor at Cradlepoint, he has brought the company from a consumer based applications company to full robust enterprise solutions. In his previous careers, he worked on DoD networks, ISPs, data center management, and he attended Boise State University.
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