WSTA Seminar: Enabling the Mobile Financial Services Enterprise

Join us on Wednesday, April 22nd at the WSTA Seminar to learn how to fight cyber-bad guys!

Cradlepoint joined forces with Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) to bring the financial industry latest trends in mobile security.

12:55-1:20PM Fighting Cyber-Bad Guys: Trends in Mobile Digital Security

Lindsay Notwell, Vice President, Carrier & International Business Development, Cradlepoint

In this session, we will discuss the latest trends in mobile digital security, highlighting the increasingly sophisticated tactics of hackers, as well as strategies and techniques to fight them. In addition, we will review the state of the industry in 4G LTE and its use as a Wide Area Network source in high security, high availability applications. One key strategy that will be explained using real life case studies is the use of Parallel Networking to combat data breaches that are now occurring with frightening frequency.

More about the WSTA Seminar:

Device-independent, seamless use to tools on market data, partner services, transactions, analytics and videoconferencing are required for day-to-day efficiencies. Expectations during use of mobile channels to these enterprise applications include high-speed access for all devices, locations and functions. Technologists have to drive these efficiencies across the service delivery stack from remote devices to the back-end data center. The user experiences for the various channels of interaction need to be individually optimized to maintain consistency. Key architecture decisions on multimodal user authentication, application architecture and roaming, data security, context-aware usage policies, device management and demand management define success of the mobile enterprise. Adoption of emerging tools and technologies including machine-to-machine and wearable integrations require a continuously-adaptive framework. This WSTA seminar is designed to provide an interactive forum for sharing today’s tools and practices that the industry needs for this dynamic framework.