Gigabit-Class LTE for Enterprise Networking


As Gigabit-Class LTE continues its aggressive global rollout, competitive-minded organizations are rethinking the role of wireless networking in their wide area networks. They are deploying high-bandwidth mobile services, remote and mobile video streaming, remote digital advertising, and wireless WAN branches. As organizations are planning for 5G their deployments are often evolutionary. Here are examples of Gigabit-Class LTE use cases that follow a Pathway to 5G.

Gigabit-Class LTE Use Cases


    4G LTE Gigabit-Class LTE 5G
Medical Remote consultation Remote diagnosis Remote surgery
Video for surveillance Visual recognition HD visual recognition Machine recognition & automatic triggers
Video for marketing A visual experience A better visual experience An immersive experience, e.g., augmented reality
Video for Public Safety Video capture for analysis afterward Real-time HD monitoring Machine recognition and response
Wireless WAN Cut the cord (lower bandwidth requirements) Cut the cord (higher bandwidth requirements) Cut the cord (fiber-like requirements)
Branch high availability Critical application failover All application failover Built-in wireless failback
Industrial operations Wireless monitoring Wireless remote operation Wireless autonomous operation
Workforce collaboration Video collaboration HD video collaboration Augmented reality collaboration
Transportation Tracking & telemetry applications Multimedia applications Autonomous applications

Organizations also are very aware of the promises of 5G technology and want to ensure their purchases today will set the right foundation for tomorrow. Not only does Gigabit-Class LTE use many of the same technologies, but it will also be the fallback technology for 5G. This is why Cradlepoint’s Gigabit-Class LTE solutions are designed to be 5G Ready for enterprise-class use cases. An edge networking service is 5G ready when the service can offer:

Software-Defined Control


Third-party 5G modem health degrades


The ability to dynamically steer traffic to a redundant wireless or wired WAN interface. Additionally, polices can steer traffic by application type and data plan usage.


Organizations have the freedom to run the latest 5G services while ensuring the highest performance and availability possible.


Wireless High Availability


Third-party 5G modem fails


Two integrated Gigabit-Class LTE modems ready to take over if the third-party modem fails.


Organizations have confidence from running a high availability all wireless architecture.


Multi-Carrier and Multi-Service Flexibility


Different carrier rollout timeframes and flavors of 4G LTE and 5G.


The ability for one router to switch between carriers and services as situations dictate.


Organizations can maximize availability and build highly-distributed wireless edge networks today and leverage 5G whenever, wherever, and however they choose.


Wireless Management


Lack of tools and analytics to effectively manage wireless edge network connectivity.


Robust wireless management capabilities for the integrated modems including health management, predictive cellular billing analytics, policy, and alerts, an efficient data plane protocol, and dynamic configuration of carrier profiles per radio.


Lean IT organizations have point-and-click simplicity with sophisticated wireless control across all of their sites in one easy-to-use pane of glass.


How Gigabit-Class LTE Works


Availability of Gigabit-Class LTE Networks in the U.S

Cradlepoint Expansion of Gigabit-Class LTE stats mobile

Cradlepoint Expansion of Gigabit-Class LTE stats 2

(Data as of summer 2018)

High-Performance Connectivity for Branch & Mobile Use Case

Cradlepoint Branch icon



In distributed branches, Gigabit-Class LTE-enabled solutions are expanding what organizations can do with cellular-based broadband. Gigabit-Class LTE gives businesses the flexibility, bandwidth, and performance to keep more of their applications connected during failover, accommodate higher-definition video streaming, and make “cutting the wires” more viable than ever before.


Gigabit-Class LTE Endpoints for Branch

Cradlepoint Mobile icon


Routers featuring Gigabit-Class LTE connectivity are bringing in-vehicle networks into parity with fixed networks. Adding Gigabit-Class LTE links to police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances, buses, service trucks, and other vehicles means more streaming video, WiFi connections, sensors, and telematic data. With dual-modem options, Gigabit-Class LTE provides a rich-bandwidth, secure, and reliable in-vehicle network.


Pathway to 5G

As the industry leader in cloud-delivered LTE network solutions for businesses, service providers, and government organizations, Cradlepoint is committed to extending its leadership into the emerging 5G space.

5G is the fast-approaching fifth-generation wireless broadband technology. It will be 10 to 100 times faster than the current LTE network and will allow for the connection density to support billions of devices. 5G will enable diverse use cases from enhanced mobile broadband, to mission-critical control, to massive IoT applications.


"Gigabit-Class LTE introduces enabling technology that will provide the foundation of 5G for years to come. Faster speeds and low latency performance create new ways for wireless to impact how organizations optimize operations and serve customers.”

-Brian Partridge, Vice President at 451 Research

Watch: Understanding the Role of Gigabit LTE

As operators enhance existing networks with LAA, CBRS, and other current-day technologies, Gigabit-Class LTE stands out as a key component in the monumental transition toward 5G. While there’s significant buzz about the ways in which 5G will transform business operations, the benefits of Gigabit-Class LTE and enhancements to existing networks are being overlooked. It’s important for organizations to understand how Gigabit-Class LTE and private LTE can help transform their operations now and help prepare them for 5G.

Watch this on-webinar to explore how Gigabit-Class LTE’s speed and reliability are enhancing wireless networking use cases—and continuing the pathway to 5G.

The Pathway to 5G Workshop


The Pathway to 5G Workshop

The Pathway to 5G Workshop

Cradlepoint is offering a personalized half-day, in-person consulting workshop that is designed to help CIOs and senior IT leaders take advantage of emerging Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G services within their next-generation WAN strategies. This workshop will educate leaders on the underlying wireless spectrum and technologies that provide the foundation for these new services, as well as the published rolled-out plans for major carriers—including upcoming 5G market launches.



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