Blueprint for connecting tech in construction depends on agile cellular solutions

AI, drones, robots, video monitoring, smart safety devices, next-gen portables… You can’t fully embrace the future of construction without game-changing tech — and you can’t fully utilize that tech without the mobility and performance of cellular networking. Cradlepoint gets that — and you’ll unlock the power of 5G and LTE through solutions for sites, vehicles, IoT, remote work, and beyond.

Connect portables instantly and anywhere

Construction trailers and offices — often in remote locations — need immediate, high-performance connectivity for access to cloud-based applications through laptops and tablets, and for collaboration with headquarters, contractors, architects, and suppliers.

Access video footage anytime

Video cameras strategically mounted throughout a construction site help companies deter theft, conduct inspections, and monitor safety compliance and autonomous technology 24/7.

Use AR with bandwidth to spare

Construction efficiency is rooted in technology: mixed reality headsets, real-time display of digital blueprint modifications, and even holographic building visualization. The real-time nature of this tech requires constant connectivity with minimal latency.

Put drones and automation to work

Construction drones and automated machinery are so sensitive to latency that companies are using edge computing to shift workloads from the cloud to the edge. Edge computing for efficiency and performance can prevent dangerous accidents and costly delays.

Control a private cellular network on-site

Communication between workers and devices at a large construction site can be difficult, with Wi-Fi often not providing sufficient performance or security. Companies can operate a private network that enables total control, reduces traffic congestion, and isolates data that stays on-site.

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