Cradlepoint Announces Enhanced Network Analytics for WAN Management and Improved Quality of Experience at the Edge

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager’s Easy-to-Use Analytics Accelerate Management of the Intelligent Network and Drive Improved Business Performance

Boise, ID and New York, NY – January 13, 2014 – Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-managed, 3G/4G wireless networking solutions for the distributed enterprise, today introduced enhanced analytics within NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint’s network management and application platform. Network administrators now have the ability to easily aggregate dashboard views of distributed networks, quickly identify problems, and set policies to optimize WAN traffic, improving network performance and the quality of experience at the edge. Introduced at this year's National Retail Federation (NRF) Conference in New York, Cradlepoint’s analytics will be showcased in Cradlepoint's booth (#1465) and be immediately available to Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager customers.

"As enterprises increase application rollouts to improve operations and expand customer engagement, the network has become a key business enabler,” said George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Cradlepoint. “With IT organizations working hard to expand network services across large-scale deployments, easy-to-use network analytics are critical to develop strategies for WAN optimization and ultimately improve the quality of experience at the edge. Cradlepoint’s network analytics provide large, distributed enterprises with the intelligence they need to manage performance, reliability, and costs."

Cradlepoint network analytics are displayed in dashboards with intuitive charts and easy-to-use graphs from a single view in a central location. Network administrators can quickly see their data usage across the network and identify problems such as a device under a security attack. They can then use NetCloud Manager to troubleshoot and resolve network issues as well as configure devices in groups or individually, update firmware with a few clicks, monitor device status in real-time, set proactive alerts, manage network security, and track interference information. Unique features of NetCloud Manager analytics include:

  • Network Performance: IT managers have the ability to graphically aggregate data usage customized by various carriers. Signal strength and quality are also graphed over time at the individual device level.

  • Network Management: IT managers have the ability to create and monitor groups of specific products across an entire enterprise. A Group dashboard gives administrators immediate visibility to the overall health of the devices in the group and ensures products are optimized, firmware updates are complete and the network is operating at peak performance.

  • Advanced Monitoring: NetCloud Manager allows administrators to view the most frequently triggered alerts across their entire network, a group of devices or at the individual device level. Alerts such as data usage ensure that the data usage is optimized for business continuity while controlling costs.

Simplifying network administration for enterprises with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations, Cradlepoint's analytics were developed in collaboration with a number of Cradlepoint customers. These enterprise customers in the retail, financial services, and transportation verticals have turned to Cradlepoint for its leadership in WAN Diversity™ (3G/4G, Ethernet (T-1, DSL, Cable, MetroE), WiFi-as-WAN) as the convergence of wired and wireless networks expands at the edge. Cradlepoint solutions provide enterprises with the ability to diversify multiple WAN paths for a broad array of applications that may require standalone networking, increased bandwidth, or more reliability through backup wired and wireless connections. In particular, Cradlepoint’s expertise in using 4G LTE for both primary and backup networking helps retailers and branch offices enable applications like digital signage, kiosks, surveillance, pop-up stores, point-of-sale systems, in-store WiFi, and in-vehicle connectivity.

Today’s announcement builds on Cradlepoint’s introduction of its new advanced edge networking solution, the AER2100. The Cradlepoint AER2100 combines advanced routing, WAN Diversity™, advanced security, and 802.11ac high performance WiFi in a platform that can be deployed, managed and optimized via Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager.

About Cradlepoint Cradlepoint is the global leader in cloud managed 3G/4G networking solutions, providing business grade, secure connectivity to distributed enterprises. Specializing in business continuity, advanced edge routing, machine-to-machine (M2M), and primary connections, Cradlepoint’s award-winning solutions are purpose built for PCI-compliant networks. Cradlepoint is the first to pioneer and fully enable high-speed LTE in our solutions to maximize the potential of the cloud for businesses worldwide. Cradlepoint is a privately held company in Boise, Idaho. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @Cradlepoint.