South Carolina Expands Wireless Network and Economic Opportunities with Cradlepoint

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism attract more businesses, campers and revenue with innovative technology upgrade to parks and welcome centers

Boise, ID – May 12, 2015 – Cradlepoint, the global leader in 4G LTE networking solutions for distributed enterprises, announced today the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) is leveraging Cradlepoint wireless routers and cloud-based management and application platform to transform connectivity across 47 state parks and nine welcome centers. Cradlepoint empowers the SCPRT organization to simplify its ability to connect every camper and traveler to broadband-rich WiFi and enhance visitor services across the state. The SCPRT’s wireless network is strong enough to support advanced, interactive welcome centers while offering campers cost-effective accommodations with amenities that match expensive private campgrounds. As a result, the department is able to draw in more welcome center advertisers, increase traffic at state parks and expand economic opportunities across the state.

“Our aggressive technology initiative creates a more attractive environment for local businesses to advertise, increases our tourism numbers and offers visitors engaging amenities to help them plan trips and enhance their time in South Carolina,” said David Elwart, CIO for the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. “Simply put, the success of this initiative depends on our ability to connect visitors to reliable, high-bandwidth wireless services, and Cradlepoint helps us achieve that.”

In the parks and welcome centers, the SCPRT can quickly and easily deploy its MBR1200B wireless routers anywhere, eliminating the need for traditional wired lines, ensuring extensive wireless coverage for campers and travelers. The wireless routers also support a more interactive experience that includes tourism kiosks, digital signage and large touchscreen boards. These innovative installments drive revenue for SCPRT by increasing opportunities for local businesses to place promotions at welcome centers and providing an attractive, cost-effective option for campers looking for high-quality WiFi that was traditionally only found at private campgrounds. Furthermore, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager (NCM) platform centralizes the configuration, monitoring and management of each router throughout the state, making it simple for IT staff to gain complete visibility and control of the entire network.

“When every customer—or camper—matters to your bottom line, it’s critical to ensure a consistent, high-quality experience that customers will remember and return to. For the SCPRT, it’s not the wireless network that visitors remember, but the comfort and convenience of always-on connectivity when they need to identify a rare bird at their campsite or book a last-minute hotel reservation on their way into town,” said Ian Pennell, chief marketing officer for Cradlepoint. “Because Cradlepoint solutions increase our customers’ ability to quickly deploy and easily manage wireless solutions across distributed locations, they spend less time worrying about network maintenance and more time enhancing the customer experience.”

For more information about the SCPRT’s wireless transformation, download the case study here:

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Press Contact:
Ashley Baster