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Options matter. Like consumers, organizations today cherish easier, more flexible buying experiences. Cradlepoint NetCloud Service — delivered through cellular-enabled branch, mobile, and IoT endpoints — is purchased as an all-inclusive subscription that is updated and controlled in the cloud.

NetCloud makes it easy to track and adjust your subscriptions and associated endpoint licenses, as well as keep services and software up to date — all in one place.

Subscription model allows you to:

  • Budget with greater confidence
  • Manage Cradlepoint endpoints with greater insight
  • Maintain compliance with more visibility
  • Improve IT team productivity

NetCloud Subscriptions Include:


24x7 Enterprise Support

Receive expert and certified technical support from a team focused on solving your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cradlepoint Support

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Maintain your endpoints’ limited lifetime warranty for the duration of your active NetCloud subscription.

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On-Demand Training

Educate yourself on new technologies and Cradlepoint products and services, and earn certifications to keep your network running smoothly.

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Simplified Management and Orchestration

Manage endpoints in real time; set policies, configurations, and proactive alerts; and gain visibility and control with NetCloud business intelligence.

Software Updates for Optimal LTE

Continuously update modems and routers with the latest software for security, performance, and connectivity enhancements.

Third-Party Extensibility

Leverage Cradlepoint hardware and software through NetCloud API/SDK,  integrations, and connectors to third-party applications.

Let’s determine what you need from a Cradlepoint NetCloud Package


Designed-for-purpose use case and service plans:

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Initial package includes purpose-built endpoint:

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Subscription term defines endpoints’ licensing period for:


Easy renewal, expansion, and upgrade processes:

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Transparent and Sensible Subscription Management Within NetCloud

Subscription management, right inside NetCloud, shows you a quick summary and detailed license information for your NetCloud subscriptions. Our goal is to maintain the networking and security you have come to expect from Cradlepoint through these easy-to-read and easy-to-find visibility and management tools.

Keeping your Cradlepoint NetCloud subscriptions active ensures the continuation of your NetCloud Service so you can stay always connected and protected with the most up-to-date software in the cloud and on your endpoints.

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If you have any questions about your account and any noncompliant or unlicensed devices, please contact

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