Harmonize SD-WAN and 5G for optimization of traffic flows

SD-WAN has helped many businesses improve network performance, simplify management, and reduce costs in fixed site and hybrid work environments. But even the best technologies must evolve. Next up? SD-WAN must move beyond wired-centric features to accommodate the proliferation of technologies in vehicles, stores, offices, and IoT — all interconnected by 5G. With Cradlepoint’s zero trust SD-WAN, enterprises can deploy a simpler, more secure SD-WAN solution that amplifies the 5G experience and simplifies the transition from wired to Wireless WAN.


Deploy and manage SD-WAN without the headaches

Set up, manage, and troubleshoot your SD-WAN solution quickly and efficiently. Create application-based policies that can be applied across thousands of heterogenous devices in just a few clicks.  Support overlapping IP addresses with ease. 


Use an SD-WAN solution built for 5G

Use SD-WAN to optimize traffic across dual modems, hybrid WANs, and soon network slices. Take advantage of an SD-WAN solution that preserves bandwidth, integrates Cellular Intelligence, and considers cellular-centric attributes when steering traffic.


Visualize the performance of your applications

Easily view the performance of the applications your users rely on and gain a historical reference of how performance changes over time. Then drill down to see how performance varies between individual SaaS data centers.


Have zero trust built in, not bolted on

By limiting the attack surface, helping  to prevent lateral movements, and ensuring no implicit trust, this zero trust architecture is the perfect foundation to your next-generation SD-WAN solution. 


Create an indestructible WAN for critical communications

Through the intelligent bonding of multiple WAN connections, business critical traffic flows can be replicated across two connections, ensuring no impact during brownout or failures


Extend beyond just fixed sites

In addition to supporting fixed site locations, Cradlepoint SD-WAN is also well suited to mobile end points such as vehicles.  

Diverse, enterprise-grade SD-WAN features

Designed for a lean IT staff with little time for complex set-up and troubleshooting, SD-WAN enables you to:

  • Simplify management of multiple WAN connections
  • Steer applications based on latency, jitter, loss, and available bandwidth
  • Improve application quality of experience over lossy connections with forward error correction.
  • Apply a single application-based policy network-wide
  • Gain granular visibility into application performance
  • Bond multiple connections together to improve reliability, efficiency, and performance

SD-WAN technology meets 5G​

  • Support for application-based traffic steering across multiple LTE Packet Data Networks (PDNs) and multiple 5G standalone network slices (once available)
  • Consideration of cellular attributes such as available bandwidth and data usage when steering traffic
  • Preservation of bandwidth by using inline traffic to measure WAN performance
  • Integration of Cellular Intelligence to provide better insights and visibility of the 5G network

Built on zero trust architecture

Built on zero trust principles, NetCloud SASE changes the network paradigm from “connect first, then secure” to “secure first, then connect.” By limiting the attack surface, helping to prevent lateral movements and ensuring no implicit trust, this zero trust architecture is the perfect foundation to your next-generation SD-WAN solution.

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Intelligent bonding of cellular, wired, Wi-Fi as WAN, and satellite connections

When applications are highly mission-critical or hungry for more bandwidth, intelligent bonding might be the answer. Creating one virtual connection out of multiple cellular, satellite, or wired links can improve resiliency, provide better control over traffic, and in certain scenarios provide access to a fatter pipe when connecting vehicles, sites, or emergency kits.​

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Cradlepoint is recognized as a Leader and an Outperformer on the GigaOm Radar Report for SD-WAN

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Simplify 5G and SD-WAN deployments for sites, vehicles, IoT, and beyond

Cradlepoint SD-WAN is available as-a-service through NetCloud SASE or as a customer-hosted model through the NetCloud Exchange Service Gateway.

Bring in the firewall. Ditch the complexity.

Improve your overall security posture with fully integrated firewall capabilities. Block unwanted traffic, detect and prevent intrusions, and ensure web traffic complies with organizational policies.


Unified policy engine simplifies deployment


Curated signatures for 5G/LTE use cases eliminate false positives


Centralized visibility and management across all services

Cloud management for scalability

NetCloud Manager provides full lifecycle management for Wireless WANs, including zero-touch deployment, creation of secure networks, and at-a-glance analytics and troubleshooting — enabling you to scale your network, not your staff.

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Explore how Cradlepoint can help your organization expand its Wireless WAN footprint and SD-WAN capabilities through one secure network solution.

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